Welcome to Geopark!

Golf course is located in norhtest Geopark area. Come and sense Ice age and old, very old finnish rocks and forest. You will suprise amount of wild life and lightness.

You can come and play even without membership of any golfklub! Our course is Pay&Play!

And if You like, there is plenty of time to play even trough night cause calm and bright summer night. Then, you must call us and make an reservation for Your group! 


It was early 2000, when idea was born. First it was an joke that why don´t we build an course where we can play when ever we like to, without green cards - of course.

Then owner of Sattula ranch, Markku Koskela thought that there might be an idea. Almost 7 years later You can see results of his work when You walking the same path than our relatives almost 150 years earlier when they established their home, Sattula.

We hope, that players can sense the same atmosphere which has been here long before us and stay here long after us.

When planning the course, we tried to respect the mother nature. Hopefully our player do so!

Here You might get an experience that You never forget. There is waiting an old sauna in the middle of the course! When You sitting on a stair planning game-strategy for the rest of the fairways there might be some animals who are monitoring Your moves, like bear, fox or a Moose. But don´t worry, they are not dangerous at all.

We welcome You to taste spirit of nature-course.
Sincerely Yours,

Oulujokilaakson Golf, Pay&Play

Jari Koskela


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